A Special Series On Shutting Off Niagara Falls

New York’s Niagara Falls State Park plans to temporarily shut off the flow to the American Falls, as part of a project to repair two aging pedestrian bridges. A similar shutoff, to study erosion, occurred in 1969. 

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Thursday night, Niagara Falls got brighter and more colorful. Officials showed off a multimillion-dollar upgrade of the system used to illuminate the falls.

New York State Parks Department

New York State parks officials plan to replace two pedestrian bridges at Niagara Falls State Park. To do that, they have to shut off the American Falls.

Col. Amos Wright / Retired U.S. Army soldier and engineer, Army Corps of Engineers.

Meet the man who turned off the American Falls.

Col. Amos Wright is a retired US Army solider and engineer.  He and his wife Gloria live in Provo, Utah, where he spends time perfecting his golf game.


Parks officials in New York are planning a project of historic significance: temporarily shutting off the American Falls.

That will dramatically alter a natural wonder that attracts millions of tourists from around the world.