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Heard on All Things Considered — September 5, 2016
Researchers from around the world are visiting Lake Huron to look at purple mats deep below the water's surface. They believe these mats could explain how the Earth's oxygen rich air developed 2.4 billion years ago.
Heard on Morning Edition — August 24, 2016
The Great Lakes have more coastline for beaches than the United States' East and West coasts combined. There are thousands of beaches — and dozens of drownings each year, in part because of dangerous currents that are very different from those found in the ocean. 
Heard on All Things Considered — August 17, 2016
How do you move a 12,000-pound, 120-year-old lighthouse across a river? Very slowly.
Heard on All Things Considered — July 26, 2016
Tiny Alpena, Mich., used to be a bustling port, located right where the Thunder Bay River meets the northern edge of Lake Huron. The town's economy hinged on the ships and boats moving along the area's waterfront. But now the small town has shifted its fiscal focus to what lies beneath the water.
Heard on Here and Now — July 21, 2016
Clevelanders used to cringe every time someone mentioned that the polluted Cuyahoga River caught fire in June 1969. But a new generation is embracing the “Burning River” name.