Video: 8 experts explain why Great Lakes are ailing

Apr 6, 2017

Watch all of our video coverage from the recent IJC public meeting on the Great Lakes in Buffalo. Experts from academia, government, business and non-profits outline the lakes' problems.

 U.S. Chair Lana Pollack: IJC recommendations for action

Lana Pollack addresses the crowd

 Krystyn Tully on improving recreation 

  Oluwole McFoy on Buffalo Sewer Authority initiatives

Alicia Perez-Fuentetaja on saving the emerald shiner

Mark Shriver on the sustainable businesses

Diana Aga on chemical contaminants

Jajean Rose-Burney on honoring the Niagara River

Sean Burkholder on landscape design

IJC Canadian chair Gordon Walker 

Great Lakes Today: Public Comment period

Great Lakes Today: Public Comment Period

Jill Spisiak Jedlicka on reviving a dead river

Full Evening Meeting

Full afternoon meeting